The design of cufflinks is relatively unchanged – the majority are fitted with a hinged ‘T’ bar or linked by a chain. Both styles are secure and afford ease of slipping into the shirt cuff. What has changed, however, is the modernity of the appearance of cufflinks. 


White gold is now the material of choice in either 9ct or 18ct gold. Diamonds and other precious gemstones are now used extensively and many gentlemen are choosing these to express their personality.

Coloured enamel on white gold is also very popular. ‘Quirky’ designs are often enamelled and there are several designers who use these combinations to produce playful pieces.

For those who prefer a simpler style, engraved patterns or texturing are desirable. One thing that all styles, designs and finishes have in common – A pair of cufflinks adds a certain style that simple buttons cannot.

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