The eternity ring is seen as an act of love from husband to wife to commemorate a special occasion. A symbol of everlasting love between two, an eternity ring is presented with just as much meaning as an engagement and wedding ring.

There is no set rule for when you gift an eternity ring: a gift as special as this requires no specific timeline! However, some popular memorable dates for gifting are the 1st wedding anniversary, 5th or 10th wedding anniversaries. Another thoughtful time to gift an eternity ring is on the birth of your first child, marking a joyous occasion with a sparkling commemoration.

In terms of wearing the eternity ring, it can be worn above the engagement and wedding ring on the left hand, creating a sparkling stack of jewellery commemorating all your special occasions of love. However, this personal piece of jewellery can be worn on whichever finger is most comfortable for you. 


An eternity ring traditionally has a row of diamonds in either a half or full setting, and there is no specification as to which is better, it is purely down to preference. With diamond being the most precious and strongest gemstone of all, it is a beautiful representation of the strength of your relationship.

Just like an engagement and wedding ring, the eternity ring is the perfect symbol for your forever, with its never-ending circle epitomising your never-ending love.

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