Our sparkling showrooms have officially reopened, and we have spent a long time ensuring we take necessary steps to provide a safe environment during your visit to Rudells. We want to make your visit to our showrooms as memorable as possible and for all the right reason.

  • On arrival, we may request your permission to take your forehead temperature using an infra-red thermometer prior to entering the showroom. Unfortunately, if this request is denied or you show signs of a raised temperature, you will not be allowed to enter on this occasion.
  • We may ask you to remove your face mask momentarily whilst we take a temperature reading.
  • Upon admittance, we will direct you to a pre-determined and pre sanitised area of the showroom which will remain exclusively yours during your time with us. No other clients will be permitted to break the 2-meter social distancing rule.
  • All our staff will wear protective visors or facemasks to help keep you and us as safe as possible.
  • Items of stock that you wish to try on will be sanitised prior to them being placed on a tray for you to then place on your fingers, wrists etc. Once removed from your person, they will be re-sanitised.
  • If your visit is to leave items for repair or service, we will ask you to use sanitising wipes to clean your items thoroughly prior to them being handled by our staff. We will do the same at the point of returning items to you.
  • All purchases will be sanitised before packaging and the presentation boxes and bags will also be cleaned using wipes before being handed to you.

We will take all the necessary precautions during our interactions with you.

We hope you will understand the necessity to maintain the very highest levels of sanitisation and hygiene and we would appreciate your full co-operation during this time.

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