The spirit of such campaign has pushed the boundaries on what is the norm in watch making, with Tudor pioneering new trends including fabric straps and vintage-inspired models.

To support this daring nature, ambassadors have been chosen to represent Tudor whose own life achievements directly result from a daring approach to life. And the newest ambassador to the Tudor family? A lady renowned for her iconic style, her voice and her attributes. Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga Black Outfit

With her own brand of theatricality and charisma, Lady Gaga has dominated the globe with millions of fans, whilst keeping the fashion community on their toes. She has achieved a level of fame over the years and resisted to fit into the expected status quo.

The message that Lady Gaga portrays through her music and fashion stands out. Her daring approach to being in the public eye has enabled her to be seen as a revolutionary image, whilst unconventionally raising awe, attention and awareness.

Lady Gaga Crowd Surfing

In the #BornToDare campaign Lady Gaga, Tudor’s first female ambassador, can be seen wearing the Black Bay 41mm. A piece that, like her, is versatile, timeless and authentic.

The similarity between Tudor and Gaga is obvious. They both want to portray a unique  message, and break the boundaries whilst doing so. 

Lady Gaga Playing Piano and Singing