Power in action. The Breitling Avenger is a study in superlatives: unparalleled safety and reliability; extreme robustness and shock resistance, maximum functionality; incredible readability.

Inspired by pioneering aviation heritage and created for contemporary aerial adventurers, the Breitling Avenger collection is as bold and robust as the name suggests. It joins two other collections – the Aviator 8 and the iconic Navitimer – in Breitling’s air universe, marking an evolution of the brand’s pilot watches.

The Avenger originally debuted in 2001, and with the latest relaunch, the collection represents nothing less than the transition of one of Breitling’s boldest collections into the era of modern aviation.

Each timepiece combines the renowned Breitling precision with a powerful design. Discover the Breitling Avenger collection below, and online here.

The Avenger Chronograph 45 features a sturdy 45mm stainless steel case, black or blue dial and a choice of stainless-steel bracelet, or matching black and blue military strap. With a rugged bezel and special grip pattern on the crown and chronograph pushers, the Avenger Chronograph can easily be operated whilst wearing gloves.

With its striking yellow dial, the Avenger Automatic 45 Seawolf is a pilot’s watch prepared for adventures well below the ocean’s surface (up to 300 bars – 3,000m). As a true Breitling Avenger, it can be operated while wearing gloves, and offers safety and reliability to any airborne adventurer.

The Avenger Automatic GMT 45 features an additional red hand indicating a second time zone. It features a sturdy 45mm stainless steel case, blue dial, and a choice of stainless-steel bracelet, or blue military leather strap that fits either a stainless-steel pin buckle or folding clasp.

The Avenger has its own personality, and was created as a reliable companion for aerial adventurers who want to achieve something outstanding and unexpected.

Breitling’s link to aviation is impressive and iconic. The brand provided onboard clocks and other key pieces of equipment for airplanes in the 1930’s and 1940’s. In the 1950’s an 1960’s, the Navitimer became the ultimate watch for pilots and remains and important part of Breitling’s collection today.


The Avenger has staked out its own territory at Breitling. It introduces the modern performance – inspired pilot’s watch with pure Breitling DNA to the next generation of men and women of action, purpose and style.

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