As the nights are getting darker and days are getting colder we reach the penultimate month of the year. If your birthday is in November you’re lucky enough to have two colourful gems as your birthstones. With Halloween now past and Christmas on the way, it is the perfect time of year to treat yourself or a loved one to a meaningful gift of the sparkling kind. 

These two gemstones, Topaz and Citrine, are both unique in their own way and feature a stunning range of colours that can give those dark winter days the brightness they need.


Topaz gemstone

Topaz is a gemstone available in a variety of colours, naturally occurring as “sherry” brown. However, probably the most well- known is the electric blue. Its colours can vary along the spectrum including shades of pink and green.

Dating back to the Ancient Greek times, the word Topaz derives from the Greek word ‘Topazios’, which means ‘yellow stone’. During the Renaissance era, it was led to believe that Topaz could disperse anger and bring a sense of calmness to its wearer.

The popular stone can be found all over the world, more commonly in Brazil, but also stretching to Pakistan, Nigeria and Sri Lanka.


Topaz is a beautiful and diverse gemstone to wear within jewellery, whether it is in a pendant, ring or bracelet. Due to its position on the Mohs hardness scale being number 8, Topaz is a strong and durable stone, thus adding to its appeal.


Citrine is the alternative birthstone for November, after Topaz being the main stone. Named after citrus fruit and the intense, bright colours that come with it, Citrine is a gemstone renowned for its symbolism of ‘happiness’. It is a variety of quartz that can range from its lemon inspired yellow shades, to brownish orange hues.

Citrine is also more commonly found in Brazil, with other sources spanning the world including Spain, France and Madagascar, where interestingly different locations yield different shades of citrine.

One of the most affordable and popular gemstones, Citrine is perfect to be used within statement jewellery. With its position of number 7 on the Moh’s hardness scale, it’s durability and hardness make the Citrine strong enough to be worn in everyday pieces of jewellery, just like the Topaz.

Symbolically, Citrine is known to have positivity radiating through it. It is said that wearing the gemstone can harness the power of the sun and create a sense of tranquillity. Alongside its spark of energy, it can brighten up any outfit from day to night.   

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