Tanzanite is a beautiful gemstone that has made an outstanding appearance in recent years.

Named after the East African State of Tanzania, it occurs in only one place in the world, The Merelani Hills in Africa, a continent which provides the world with a multitude of truly magnificent gemstones, including Sapphires and Topaz.

Tanzanite will captivate you with its unusual, fascinating aura which is most definitely the greatest benefit to be used in modern jewellery as it is such a beautiful gem, to wear either by itself or enhanced with other gemstones. The deep blue hues are stunning, and run from ultramarine blue to light violet-blue. The most coveted colour is a blue surrounded by a delicate hint of purple, one of the most extravagant colours known to Man adorning unconventional elegance.

The beauty of Tanzanite did not elude the marketing of Henry B. Platt, great grandson of Louis Comfort Tiffany and later President and Chairman of New York’s Tiffany & Co. It was Platt who named the stone ‘Tanzanite’ and who introduced it to the world with great fanfare at Tiffany & Co in 1968. Thanks to its unusual aura and the help of the New York jeweller’s, it has rapidly become one of the most coveted gemstones in the world.

With just an estimated 30 years of supply remaining in the mine, as time passes it becomes ever more precious. The demand for Tanzanite jewellery has become increasingly popular amongst our clients.

When buying Tanzanite jewellery please note that Tanzanite is easily inclined to fracture if taking part in physical/ vigorous activity, therefore we would advise to remove all jewellery.

Also, this stone is particularly averse to ultrasonic cleaning. Jewellery can easily be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap. Harsh chemicals can also result in the stone losing its romance and lustre; therefore take this into account when storing, cleaning or wearing your jewellery.


Recently adorning our fine jewellery collections, we have the most stunning Tanzanite bracelet in 18ct White gold beautifully enhanced with diamonds, showcasing some of Mother Nature’s finest gemstones with such elegance.

We invite you to enjoy our range of Tanzanite jewellery inside both of our showrooms in Wolverhampton and Harborne. If you have any further questions feel free to contact our sales team who will be more than happy to help.


By Charlotte Skinner