At Rudells, we promise to deliver excellence in quality, service and value. It’s this passion and commitment to be the best which has driven Sioux over the 21 years she’s been with the company. In 2015 Sioux celebrated 20 years’ service with Rudells and I caught up with her recently in our Wolverhampton showroom where she is based.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery/ watch that you own?

My Favourite piece of jewellery would have to be my beautiful Emerald and Diamond cluster ring, which was a gift from husband for our 10th wedding anniversary. I had admired it for a long time. I was particularly drawn to the quality and intense colour of the Emerald.

However, as I always try to be a ‘practical gal’, I was very much aware that we could both benefit from having the bathroom re-fitted and the drive way re-paved, so I shared this with my husband. As he is a straight talker, he said that this was my only chance to have it. Ultimately I had the ring and 6 months later we moved house. Win win situation. We are now celebrating 26 years of marriage this year.

What piece of jewellery/ watch do you aspire to own?

A Ladies Patek Philippe 24 would definitely be at the top of my list. It was designed to wear with jeans and a t-shirt, as well as the signature ‘little black dress’. Beauty meets versatility!

However, I love the piece not only for its quality and appearance, but for what buying a Patek Philippe watch represents. The famous words ‘You never actually own a Patek Philippe; you merely look after it for the next generation’ are truly beautiful!

Also, in our Prestige Collection, we have a stunning 18ct white gold bangle set with seven dazzling rows of brilliant cut diamonds. The piece showcases Mother Nature’s finest creation, evoking the style and glamour of Hollywood’s Golden age.

What is your favourite Baselworld 2016 watch release?

Most definitely it would have to be the ladies Patek Philippe Haute Joaillerie Grand Complication watch (reference: 7002/450). There is only one word to describe this gem set timepiece - STUNNING!


It is available in 4 variations and these are collectively known as the Four Seasons Symphony. Each of the models is set with diamonds and precious stones. Sapphires representing Winter, Yellow Sapphires for Summer, Emeralds for Spring and Rubies for Autumn. Bursting with colour, the cases house the most melodic minute repeater movements and are testament to the most exemplary levels of Swiss craftsmanship.

What is your favourite brand that Rudells sell?

Obviously I’m biased! It has to be our own. The founder’s commitment, passion and drive has cascaded down to everyone that is part of this wonderful team. Rudells core values to deliver excellence in quality, service and value stands us in good stead, not only throughout the trade but is also a reminder our clients every day that we want to deliver the very best for them. Our exclusive, in-house collections including Embrace, Destiny, Legacy and the soon to be landed Wave, have all been designed to provide affordable luxury and style.

View Rudells exclusive in-house designed collections here: Rudells Exclusive Ranges

Sioux ended our conversation by explaining that it’s been a very quick 21 years at Rudells and she has simply loved looking after the clients who have shopped with us over this period. She hopes to continued making our clients ‘dreams come true’ for the next 21 years.