If you’re here because you’re engaged and looking for help on choosing the right wedding bands, then congratulations! Planning your wedding is an exciting time and finding your perfect wedding bands to say ‘I do’ with is one of the most important decisions!

The wedding ring symbolises the union of love between two people, and the circular shape has for centuries been given as a token of unbroken commitment. The fourth finger has always been the destination of the wedding ring, said to contain the ‘vein of love’ that leads directly to the heart; a myth that oozes romance!


A wedding ring is to be worn for the rest of your life, so it must be perfect for you in every way. Here at Rudells we have a beautiful selection of wedding rings for men and women in a variety of sizes and designs, each to complement a sparkling engagement ring. Whilst the style of wedding rings has changed over the years, the romantic meaning remains the same.

Choosing which metal to wear is an important decision, as it must suit your daily lifestyle and adventures. We recommend matching the metal of your wedding band to your engagement ring, to preserve the quality and shine of both. Softer metals will wear against harder metals, so if your engagement ring is 18ct white or yellow gold, we would recommend choosing a wedding band in this metal to match and complement.

The prices of metals differ based on their strengths, durabilites and styles (diamond set). Due to its rarity and extreme hardness, Platinum is one of the most expensive metals to wear. It is hypo-allergenic, assuring you against irritations and reactions, and can withstand tarnishing and corrosion.

The width of your wedding band is dependent on your comfort and favoured style. Starting from more delicate, slim styles and going up to a wider thickness. there is a width perfect for everyone.

This is also the same for the profile of the ring. There are many varieties including court, flat court, and D shape. Again, these are a style and comfort choice for yourself.

For an extra special finishing touch, you may consider engraving your wedding bands, commemorating your unforgettable day with your initials or your wedding date. This is something our jewellery workshop can do in house.

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