1. The Rudells Christmas Gift Guide - Watches For Him


    Give the gift of precious time this Christmas with a luxury Swiss timepiece from one of the world’s leading watch brands. Whether it’s to accompany business or casual wear, discover the perfect watch for him to unwrap.


    If he admires sleek lines and traditional details, a classic timepiece is a perfect addition to both his work and weekend wardrobe.

    The IWC 150 Years Edition Portofino oozes a sophisticated style. With a crisp white dial and bold black leather strap, the Portofino adds a touch of elegance and luxury to all occasions.

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  2. The Rudells Christmas Gift Guide - Dazzling Diamond Jewellery

    Give a gift that can be cherished for a lifetime with the Rudells Diamond Jewellery Collections. From a pair of delicate diamond earrings, to a statement sparkling pendant, watch your loved one unwrap a little box of luxury this Christmas.
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  3. Birthstone Of The Month - Tanzanite

    As the Christmas lights sparkle alongside those traditional Christmas reds and greens, December’s birthstone emanates with its exotic hues.
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  4. The Rudells Christmas Gift Guide - Rachel Galley Jewellery

    With bold shapes, intricate details and unique designs, Rachel Galley jewellery oozes contemporary style and beauty that is perfect for wearing every day and for all occasions.
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  5. Discover Exquisite Jewellery Collections at Rudell The Jewellers Harborne, Birmingham

    The Harborne windows of Rudell The Jewellers first sparkled in 1986 when its doors opened, and since then, the showroom has undergone three expansions to make it the dazzling Birmingham Jewellers it is today.
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  6. The Rudells Christmas Gift Guide - Accessories

    This Christmas give the gift of luxury and safety to accompany precious watch and jewellery collections with WOLF1834 and the exceptional watch winder and jewellery box collections.
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  7. Birthstone Of The Month - Topaz

    As the nights are getting darker, you can add a touch of Topaz to your wardrobe for that simple pop of colour for the Autumn and Winter.
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  8. An Evening at Hagley Hall with Rolex and Tudor

    With an exquisite sunset backdrop, there was no more perfect setting than Hagley Hall in Worcestershire to host the Rolex and TUDOR 2019 Baselworld collections.
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  9. Birthstone Of The Month - The Spectacular Sapphire

    Sapphire is second to diamond as the hardest gemstone, measuring at 9 on Mohs scale of hardness, making it the ideal gemstone to wear within jewellery. Because of its durability and strength, sapphire is becoming increasingly popular as a choice of engagement ring, with a statement stone set beautifully against sparkling diamonds.
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  10. Rudell the Jewellers purchase 93 & 94 Darlington Street in massive expansion plan!

    Rudell the Jewellers purchase 93 & 94 Darlington Street in massive expansion plan!
    The leading Wolverhampton jeweller which is home to some of the most luxurious timepiece and jewellery brands has purchased the neighbouring property and will see their Darlington Street showroom more than double in size.
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  11. In The Spotlight - OMEGA at Rudells

    For more than 170 years, OMEGA timepieces have conquered the skies, the ocean's depth's and the ground we walk on, expertly showing a continuous commitment to innovation and quality whilst doing so. Watchmaking has always been at the heart of OMEGA, building its reputation on revolutionary watch movements.
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  12. A Spectacular Diamond Evening with Rudell The Jewellers

    A Spectacular Diamond Evening with Rudell The Jewellers
    Nestled in the idyllic Staffordshire countryside, Hagley Hall was the setting for the 2019 Rudells Diamond Event, an evening dedicated to the brilliance of diamonds and exquisite jewellery collection from some of the world's leading brands including FOPE, Chopard and Roberto Coin.
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  13. Find Your Sparkle With The Perfect Pair Of Diamond Earrings To Dazzle Every Day

    Diamond earrings make the perfect gift for your loved one or as a deserved treat for yourself. Whether it's a special birthday or a small gift to say 'I Love You', discover the dazzling earring collections at Rudell the Jewellers.
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  14. How To - Clean Your Diamond Jewellery With The Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik

    With April dedicated to the diamond birthstone, ensure your cherished jewellery is as sparkling as new with the Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaning Range. Diamonds may be the toughest and hardest gemstones, but if worn every day and through life's adventures, our jewellery is sometimes in need of TLC to bring it back to its shining self!
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  15. A Dazzling Win as Rudell the Jewellers Named Birmingham's Independent Retailer of the Year

    A Dazzling Win as Rudell the Jewellers Named Birmingham's Independent Retailer of the Year
    Rudell the Jewellers are delighted to be awarded the prestigious title of Birmingham's 'Independent Retailer of the Year'. As we are celebrating 80 years of business in 2018, what better way to start our celebrations!
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  16. Sparkling Double Win For Rudell The Jewellers at Wolverhampton WIRE Awards

    Sparkling Double Win For Rudell The Jewellers at Wolverhampton WIRE Awards
    This year saw the first 'Wolverhampton Independent Retail Excellence' Awards take place, celebrating the local and diverse independent businesses that are a part of Wolverhampton. Focusing on the dedication, hard work and spirit that businesses throughout the city empower, the awards aimed to recognise the loyalty and dedication of the staff working within Wolverhampton, including our showroom on Darlington Street.
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  17. Continue Your Love Story with Rudells in Birmingham and Find 'The One' Diamond Ring

    We girls spend a long time window shopping for engagement rings. Dropping hints, having at least five favourite cuts, and changing our minds every week are extremely common guilty pleasures when looking for 'The One' ring.
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  18. Shine Bright Like a Diamond from Birmingham

    Dating back to the earliest of times, the Diamond has infinitely become the most prolific and treasured of stones. Made up of only carbon, the diamond is the purest of precious stones, and its unparalleled strength makes it last forever.
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  19. Discover IWC watches in Harborne, Birmingham

    Luxury watchmakers since 1868, IWC Schaffhausen engineer classic and timeless watches. A passion for innovation and technical precision, IWC create a range of timepieces fit for a variety of temperaments and life styles.
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  20. Wolverhampton Showroom Refurbishment

    Since 1938, Rudells has provided excellence in service in quality, service and value from our premises on Darlington Street, Wolverhampton. Values are high, and service is exceptional, and with an impressive portfolio of luxury brands, Rudell is now regarded as the Midlands' leading jeweller.
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  21. Sioux Jones - Rudells Director and all round Wolverhampton 'Diamond'

    At Rudells, we promise to deliver excellence in quality, service and value. It's this passion and commitment to be the best which has driven Sioux over the 21 years she's been with the company. In 2015 Sioux celebrated 20 years' service with Rudells and I caught up with her recently in our Wolverhampton showroom where she is based.
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  22. Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark- Rudells Wolverhampton

    The Tudor Heritage Black Bay is the direct descendant of Tudor's success in Greenland on the wrists of Royal Navy Sailors. The Heritage line distinguishes itself by the unique creative process of the brand's style and the exceptional attention to detail. Instead of a mere replica, a Tudor Heritage timepiece is a powerful re-interpretation and stylistic encounter of the past, present and the future. At Baselworld 2016, these design codes that contributed to the fame of historic models have been preserved and injected with modern touches to update its iconic status. We introduce to you, The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark.
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  23. Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze- Rudells Wolverhampton

    Spring has finally sprung! This can only mean one thing; that our showrooms are gleaming with a selection of brand new watches released at the internationally renowned exhibition, Baselworld held earlier on this year. Every year promises a fresh opportunity to fall in love again, Baselworld 2016 was no exception. For Rudells watch buyers and for many industry enthusiasts, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze was one of the most talked about releases of the year.
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  24. Pink Sapphire and Diamond Jewellery in Wolverhampton

    Spring has finally sprung. A season we all look forward to as the earth reawakens from its slumber, exploding with new life. With the lighter evenings awakening us from our wintery, nocturnal state, we see bluebells and daffodils landscape our garden with the excitement for the sun to shine again.
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