Patek Philippe is reinforcing its position in the growing segment of mechanical ladies’ watches and now presents a new self-winding wristwatch: the Twenty~4 Automatic.

Patek Philippe Watch on woman with white clothing Patek Philippe Watch on woman with blue clothing

Nearly 20 years after the debut of the Twenty~4 manchette watch that became a paragon of timeless feminine elegance, the Genevan manufacturer is fulfilling a wish expressed by many discerning style-conscious women. To them, it is dedicating the all-new Twenty~4 Automatic, the first model of the collection with a self-winding mechanical movement in a 36mm round case. This highly contemporary watch was created to accompany eclectic and vibrant lifestyles around the clock, glistening with the fire of genuine diamonds.

Twenty~4 Automatic  Twenty~4 Automatic Gold

The Twenty~4 Automatic has been unveiled in five versions: two in steel with diamond-set bezels, two in rose gold with diamond-set bezels, and one in rose gold with diamonds set in the bezel, the bracelet and the crown. All bracelets are fitted with a new patented fold-over clasp that is dependably functional, very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

With its sleek elegance, it is a watch for any time of day, complementing every facet of daily life (work, family, and leisure, private and social engagements). It perfectly matches the entire spectrum of a ladies wardrobe – casual outdoor outfits to evening gowns.

Twenty~4 Automatic on wrist  Twenty~4 Automatic close up

The watch focuses on the woman who consummately handles latest generation technology but prefers a mechanical timepiece on her wrist, one that represents a grand tradition of quality and the lasting value of an artistically created masterpiece. With its artisanally crafted self-winding mechanical movement and the decidedly feminine timeless design, the new Twenty~4 Automatic has everything it takes to accompany style-conscious and self-confident women day in and day out.

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