The world renowned watch house, Patek Philippe, showcased the largest collection of Minute Repeaters ever seen in the UK at a prestigious event hosted at Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire and a small number of Rudell's Patek Philippe collectors were invited to discover the uniqueness and melodic beauty of these stunning creations. The surroundings of Stoke Park provided a stately 'backdrop' and the event commenced with a Champagne reception at which Mark Hearn, Managing Director of Patek Philippe UK welcomed everyone for their attendance and assured them that the evening would be full of beauty and surprises. A presentation of the history of Minute Repeaters followed during which guests were enthralled by stories of those responsible for their creation many centuries ago. Following the presentation, distinguished guests were then given the opportunity to look, touch and feel the 19 models which were on display. Several of Patek Philippe's UK watchmakers were on hand to demonstrate the the Minute Repeater function on 'acoustic' benches. The exhibition room was filled with the strikes and chimes of these unique works of art where no two watches sound identical! One of the highlights of the collection was the newly introduced 7002/450 A ladies Haute Joaillerie Grand Complication. There is only one word to describe this gem set timepiece - STUNNING! Available in 4 variations these are collectively known as the Four Seasons Symphony. Each of the models is set with diamonds and precious stones. Sapphires representing Winter, Yellow Sapphires for Summer, Emeralds for Spring and Rubies for Autumn. After the 'chimes' had diminished in the exhibition hall, guests were entertained to a memorable dinner where lively conversation continued about all things Patek Philippe. The Patek team were on hand to answer any further questions that were brought forward and their knowledge, appreciation and passion reinforced PP as the most prestigious timepiece brand in the world. The evening closed with a further opportunity to view the collection for a final time - it is likely that Rudells clients will never again see so many Minute Repeaters all in the same place ever again! Mark Hearn closed the evening by thanking all for their attendance and said 'It was a delight to have been able to present our Minute Repeater exhibition to a specially selected audience of Patek connoisseurs. I hope your interest in our brand has been enhanced by the event and the Rudells team is on hand to help you in the future'.