Whilst we've been confined to our homes, our very own In House Jeweller, Terry Williams, has been a sparkling gem for the Harborne community! Continue reading to hear his volunteering story that has helped local GP's and care homes!


"Clapping for the NHS is a great idea and the viral spread of appreciation has been amazing.

The stupendous fundraising of Captain Moore is epic, and the notoriety is the
engine which creates these achievements.

A call for 5000,000 face shields went out at the beginning of April and a group
online accepted the challenge. I joined the channel and downloaded a model for the original mask and did a test print… eight hours later I had a mask.

The group had arranged free collection of batches of 20 by a nationwide courier, but this
meant over a week to print one batch.

I asked, quite literally through an open window as "Rudell The Jewellers" and Boots are neighbours, if they could use the mask that I had made.

The manager said that ideally they needed sixteen, but as this was still nearly a week’s worth I went back online and found a pared down version. By accepting a slightly coarser finish I could print sixteen in a day.

So on 8th April I delivered my first batch and asked them to spread the news locally.

I made more but had no requests so I decided to take some to my GP surgery which was closed, so I put them through the rear gate and phoned later to explain. They were more than happy and a partner called back later to thank me.

I have been making the masks for nearly a fortnight and although the design is simpler the idea is that something is better than nothing, hospitals, medical labs, care homes and GP Practices are all using the masks locally now.

Rudell the Jewellers is based on service, and the fact the nerdy Jeweller is making masks shouldn't be a surprise. We have a manager who is an NHS volunteer, and many members of staff helping in other ways, whilst all the time being supported by "The Management".

I will deliver my 200th mask this week and hope that in some way this helps because that is all that matters.


If you know of any organisations that are in need of face masks, please email terry@rudells.com 

Every little helps