On May 10 2019, Breitling introduced a limited-edition model to commemorate its important partnership with Ocean Conservancy.

The Superocean Heritage Ocean Conservancy Limited Edition watch celebrates not only the partnership between Breitling and Ocean Conservancy, but also their shared commitment to helping maintain a healthy ocean and clean beaches.

The launch, which was held in Bali in cooperation with Ocean Conservancy, was part of a beach clean-up initiative with 100 Breitling guests and hundreds of volunteers from Bali and surrounding areas. The clean-up effort resulted in hundreds of kilograms of trash and plastic being removed from the beach.



On hand to support the clean up were the members of Breitling’s Surfers Squad, Kelly Slater, from the US, and Australian born Sally Fitzgibbons and Stephanie Gilmore.

The Superocean Heritage Ocean Conservancy Limited Edition timepiece is part of one of watchmaking’s greatest legacies, but it is even more than that: it is a beautifully timed call to action, reminding each of us that we can all play an important role in efforts to maintain healthy oceans and clean beaches.

The 44-millimetre stainless-steel chronometer is presented with a pair of Nato straps made of ECONYL yarn, an innovative material repurposed from Nylon waste, one source of which is fishing nets from oceans around the world.


The blue details of the limited edition reiterate Breitling’s commitment towards healthy oceans and beaches, and a portion of the sales of the watch will be donated to Ocean Conservancy and its global fight against ocean pollution.

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