As the physical manifestation of the spoken language, the written word is one of the core pillars of human civilization. With its foundations in the culture of writing, it is Montblanc's belief that the written word is a precious gift that should be bestowed on every human being. However, while education is widely recognised as a fundamental human right, of the 650 million primary school-age children, approximately 59 million are out of school. Understanding that education and words have the power to change the world by helping to break generational cycles of poverty and disease, Montblanc has been collaborating with UNICEF over the past 13 years, raising over $10 million dollars that have benefitted education programmes around the world.
Just like UNICEF, Montblanc is committed to helping all children regardless of gender, ethnicity or socioeconomic background, realize their right to equitable and inclusive quality education. The new launch of the Montblanc for UNICEF collection of limited edition writing instruments, timepieces, accessories and leather goods is the latest chapter in the story of this special partnership that has helped thousands of children find their way to a quality education, and a brighter future. The funds raised by the initiative will help UNICEF to support national education quality standards that cover pedagogy, reading and writing, the learning environment, community involvement, infrastructure and measuring of learning outcomes. In addition, funds will go towards teacher training programmes, as well as guidance and tools to ensure teachers have the knowledge necessary to deliver quality education to students. With its origins deeply rooted in the culture of handwriting, Montblanc continues to assert its cultural commitment around the world with the creation of wide-ranging initiatives to promote arts and culture in many forms, while honouring the modern-day patrons who support the advancement of the arts. Discover our Montblanc collection here.