At Rudells, we promise to deliver excellence in quality, service and value. Since 1938, these values have been cherished by our sales teams over the years, to help provide first class service to each and every client who walks through our doors.

We introduce to you Marc Gillings, Sales Assistant and Breitling Ambassador based at our showroom in Harborne, Birmingham.

Marc joined our team in 2010. His extensive knowledge alongside his passion for watches make him a great asset to the company.

Tell us more about your role?

Outside of sales, my role in the store is in special one-off orders, for our Harborne store. Whether it’s searching for a specialist one off timepiece or assisting in finding/creating a one of piece of Jewellery. I am also certified to identify gemstones by the gemmological association (Cert-GA) and am attaining a further qualification to become a fellow of the gemmological association (FGA).

What is your favourite piece of jewellery/ watch that you own?

I am a fanatic for aviation related watches, which is why my favourite watch is certainly my steel Breitling Chronomat 44mm. It completely fits my lifestyle, its sharp pilot bracelet design looks great with a suit and its Metallica Blue dial fits with a more casual appearance, the best of both worlds. I am also very attached to my gold tie pins and am seldom seen without them. My favourite has a small blue sapphire set in the centre to match my watch dial.

What piece of jewellery/ watch do you aspire to own?

My answer without hesitation would be ‘all of them’! Being one of the first to see the new timepieces come into store, watch envy has become part of the job description. But my current watch ‘crush’ is for the new IWC Mark XVIII edition ‘Le Petit Prince’ ref IW327004. It features a 40mm case, with a 42 hour power reserve. The watch is associated with the poetic tale of Le Petit prince by Antoine de Sainte-Exupéry. An adventure of a pilot stranded in the dessert.

I think the IWC pilot watch was the right choice in timepiece to compliment his childhood story, because if the watch had been Breitling emergency, he would not have been stuck there long enough for a compelling adventure.

What is your favourite Baselworld 2016 watch release?

Basel is a sweet shop for ‘watch geeks’ like me. Every year promises a fresh opportunity to fall in love with a whole new selection of watches, Basel 2016 was no exception. My highlight was the new Rolex Air King 40mm. ‘A true homage to Aviation’ with its 1930 design and a powerful 3131 perpetual calibre.

What is your favourite brand that Rudells sell?

Breitling. In my eyes they are the pioneer of aviation watches. My grandfather was a navigator aboard the Lancaster bombers, so like Breitling, aviation is very much in my blood. Although I will never wear wings on my jacket as he did, I still get a sense of pride wearing them on my wrist.

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