In 1919, the Maison Antonini was born in Milan, the capital of fashion and design. The excellence and extreme quality of Antonini’s collections are rooted deep in the company’s birthplace, the old jewellery district in Medieval Milan.

Expressing sophistication and non-ostentatious luxury, Antonini Milano use only 18ct gold and a selection of the best stones. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident within each jewellery collection; alongside the unmistakable Italian quality and style.

The Siracusa collection plays with geometric shapes and elements, including circles, ellipses and curves that intersect to form crosses and orbits. The name Siracusa references the birthplace of Archimedes, a Sicilian city that is rich in Greek history and from where philosophical and mathematical thought is derived. Distinguished by clean, elegant gold lines, each piece is then illuminated with singular rows of bright white diamonds. The collection features statement rings and earrings that instantly add glamour to all outfits.



The Atolli collection showcases simple shapes made exclusively in 18ct yellow gold, with white diamonds and Jet. The Jet adds a striking contrast to the warm hues of yellow and acquires a dark glow when polished. The collection has two facets, a precious and elegant style with pave diamond detail, and the more contemporary with a matt black Jet surface. Each piece is versatile, oozes a modern charm reminiscent of works of art.


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