Rudell the Jewellers are proud to announce the arrival of Grand Seiko to our Harborne showroom.

Since 1960, Grand Seiko have crafted timepieces with an ongoing quest for excellence. Amongst the collections are a selection of stainless-steel classic and contemporary designs from the Elegance, Heritage, and Sports collections, offering a varied selection of timepieces for every watch aficionado.


Grand Seiko timepieces are “handmade in Japan for precisely beautiful timekeeping”. For over 60 years, each collection consistently challenges the conventions of horology; surpassing the strictest global levels of precisions.

The dedication of artistry and skill is more apparent in each dial, reflecting the purest expression of the Japanese visual aesthetic. The detail of each dial is the ultimate in technical craftsmanship, with the manufacturing and assembly process for each new dial designed from scratch to tailor each specific design.

Nature plays an integral part of each Grand Seiko collection, with the landscapes and natural beauty a big source of inspiration into the dials of each watch.

Grand Seiko Heritage Spring Drive GMT SBGE211

Grand Seiko Sport Spring Drive GMT SBGE257 - Shop Here.


Grand Seiko Sport Hi-Beat 36000 GMT SBGJ239 - Shop Here.

From the new series 9 collection, reference SLGH005 captures the dynamism of the white birch tree forests in Shizukishi, where all Grand Seiko mechanical watches are crafted. The key feature of the ‘white birch dial’ is the unique textured surface that encapsulates the strength and tranquillity of this iconic part of nature.


Discover the Grand Seiko collection at Rudells Harborne and online here.

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