For more than 170 years, OMEGA timepieces have conquered the skies, the ocean’s depth’s and the ground we walk on, expertly showing a continuous commitment to innovation and quality whilst doing so. Watchmaking has always been at the heart of OMEGA, building its reputation on revolutionary watch movements.

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For OMEGA, precision is the truest mark of mechanical watchmaking quality, an attribute they are renowned for globally, highlighted with a longstanding partnership with the Olympic Games as Official Timekeeper. With superior craftsmanship and a determination for perfection, OMEGA have been setting precision records for decades, as well as having recorded some of the most significant moments in the world.

The OMEGA Tokyo 2020 Limited Edition Seamaster AquaTerra


The OMEGA watch collections each celebrate the landmark achievements made throughout history, whilst also combining with modern technology and design to create the ultimate timepiece.
1848 was the year Louis Brandt opened a small workshop in Switzerland, and with a passion for precision he set out to develop the most accurate watches he could. Over the years that followed, technological advances, alongside exceptional watchmaking, created milestones to remember, such as the first minute-repeater wristwatch in 1892.

One of the most significant dates in history for OMEGA is 1969, the year the ‘world’s most famous chronograph’ went to the moon. On the wrist of Buzz Aldrin, the Speedmaster Professional was tested beyond physical endurance, and as one of OMEGA’s most iconic timepieces, the Speedmaster Professional is an impressed representation of the brand’s adventurous pioneering spirit.



Distinguished by design and cherished for quality, OMEGA use state-of-the-industry materials with their exceptional, and traditional, craftsmanship. Innovatively blending ceramics, silicon and new alloys with precious metals, OMEGA have created timepieces for all occasions and adventures. The creative use of materials enhances the aesthetic appeal, improving the quality whilst maintaining imperative parts of OMEGA history.

From the elegance and sleek lines of the De Ville, to the Seamaster on the wrist of the world’s most famous spy, James Bond, OMEGA excel in horological excellence, continuously demonstrating genuine quality and exquisite watchmaking. 


Caring for your OMEGA

Each OMEGA timepiece was designed to reliably accompany you through life, standing the test of time. The service frequency depends on how you use your timepiece and where, however OMEGA recommend every 5-8 years.


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