Hublot is proud to announce that Guga Kuerten, former world number 1 tennis player and member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, is their newest ambassador.

To celebrate this partnership, Hublot has launched a watch called The King Power Guga Bang, which bears Guga’s signature in a limited edition collection of 100. Hublot is also strengthening its alliance with its new ambassador by supporting the renowned tennis player’s charity, the ‘Instituto Guga Kuerten’.

The ‘King Power Guga Bang’ has a titanium case with carbon bezel, with a 48-mm diameter and has Guga’s signature on the front of the dial at 8 o’clock and the date in yellow designed to resemble a tennis ball. On the back of the case is the best known image of the tennis player, inside a heart. Part of the watch sales will be reserved for IGK.