“How much is it worth?” This is a question often asked, and as industry experts it is our duty to guide you through the many options that are found under the banner of jewellery valuation. Here are three examples: 


Insurance Replacement Valuation is the figure used if an item is lost or stolen and how much it would cost to replace it in the current market conditions. As precious metal prices fluctuate over the years along with precious gemstones, it can be surprising to see how much your beloved piece has increased in value, over time. 

Sale Between Parties Valuation is as its name suggests. You may need to divide assets for many reasons. This Valuation is a figure based between Replacement Valuation and outright sale. 

Offer to purchase is a figure that is used to buy an item in. This would be the lowest of the three Valuations as this becomes a pre-owned piece. 

After it is determined which option suits you best, at Rudells we will update your valuation with our compliment, providing the item was purchased from ourselves. It is also a great opportunity to have a visual inspection for damage or wear and tear which is carried out with a loupe. Should the item have been purchased elsewhere we use Safeguard as our valuation arm in the Birmingham Assay Office, who are a trusted company that provide an in-depth valuation of your jewellery for £65 per item. 


Rudells Valuation Service Image


The item is then detailed as accurately as possible without making any assumptions about the stones/metal. We describe what we see as opposed to what we think. Copies of any previous valuation certificates, gem reports, purchase receipts are requested from the client to assist the valuer before the charge of £65 is confirmed. 


Valuation usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on the number of items or their complexity. Safeguard complete the valuation and produce a high-quality certificate which will include a photograph of each item before they are collected by a messenger from Safeguard and brought back to the showroom. 


The client is contacted and invited to collect their item/s where we will run through the certificate description/details and most importantly, confirm that the client is happy with the work completed. Lastly, we advise the client that re-valuation should be completed every 5 years or so. 

If you would like further information on this valuable service, please email info@rudells.com or visit this page.