July’s birthstone is one of intense colour and exceptional strength, with a nickname of ‘King of the Gemstones’ thanks to its luxurious status and popularity.

Ruby is a gemstone that shines bright within both 18ct yellow and white gold, making it incredibly versatile and adaptable to all seasons and outfits. The renowned deep red hues of Ruby contrast beautifully when set amongst glittering diamonds, making statement jewellery for everyday wear and special occasions.

When it comes to durability and the ability to withstand day to day wear, Ruby is second only to diamonds. Whether you choose to wear a ring, pendant, or earrings set with Ruby, the gemstone can tolerate knocks without damaging its enchanting exterior.


For those lucky July babies who can call Ruby their birthstone, it makes the perfect gift that can be cherished for years to come. Its unparalleled elegance and sophistication can be worn in both classic and traditional jewellery styles that showcase the exceptional beauty of the stone from all angles.

For an extra special gift, make your proposal even more romantic with a Ruby and Diamond set Engagement Ring.

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