Set under a tranquil haven of jungle trees and suspended moon inspired lanterns, the FOPE stand at Baselworld was just as beautiful as their latest releases.

FOPE is an Italian goldsmith, which has evolved into an international jewellery brand; hand-crafted in Vicenza, where the company was established in 1932. Baselworld 2018 introduced many sparkling new additions to FOPE’s already magnificent collections, including the Prima, Eka Tiny and Vendôme.


Flex’it, style and innovation

Launched in 2007 with the EKA collection, Flex’it is an ever-growing family of contemporary jewels. At the heart of these collections is FOPE’s original and patented “roll on” mesh chain bracelets (and sometimes rings), all crafted entirely in 18ct gold and rendered fully flexible, thanks to tiny gold springs hidden between each link.


The Prima collection debuted its original Flex’it mesh chain at Baselworld 2017. This year's new upcoming variants add different rondels and several new necklets to the existing collection, including a MiaLuce version i.e a luxury suite which features lovely diamond shapes and multiple layers of Flex’it mesh chains. A must-see, or rather, a must-have!



The Vendôme collection is characterised by a tubular gold mesh and a signature understated elegance. Since the launch of the collection, it has featured a Flex’it bracelet alongside an extendible ring. The whole set is available with different designs, with a new addition of a beautiful thread-shaped motif which smoothly embraces the gold or diamond set rondel. Another addition to the line are the elegant bands, widening the range of the traditional solid gold rings and the Flex’it styles. Vendôme is delicately designed, ideal for everyday wear and straight through to the evening.

Eka Tiny

The Eka Tiny collection combines exquisite technique and design to create an 18ct chain that is easily recognisable. The new Eka Tiny Flex’it is a beautiful line of contemporary jewellery, which features both the signature gold rondels with diamonds and new pavé set round elements. Both can be paired perfectly with matching necklets, rings and earrings!

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