At Rudells, we work with the finest wedding ring manufacturers in the UK. We are proud to bring you the highest quality rings for you to commemorate not only the true love you have found, but to represent this life changing occasion that dreams are made of!

A symbol of love and the start of your new life together, whatever your preferred metal or style, whether it be a plain band or diamond set, our highly skilled sales team will advise you on the best choices to last for a lifetime.

To help choose your perfect match (in wedding rings that is!) we have put together a few frequently asked questions from our customers over the years.


What is the best metal to have?

This is all down to personal preference. Wedding rings are traditionally White/ Yellow Gold, Palladium and Platinum.


Do I have to have the same metal for my wedding ring as my engagement ring?

An important factor is to match the metal type to the engagement ring, as softer metals will wear against harder ones.

For example: If you have a Platinum engagement ring, the choice of a Platinum wedding ring would be best.


Do we both have to have the same metal?

The answer is no! There is no rule regarding this. Couples may opt for wedding rings manufactured in the same metal however this again is down to personal preference. Here at Rudells we see couples who will chose wedding rings made of the same metal but equally we have clients who will opt for different metals so that their wedding band coordinates with existing items of jewellery.


What style of Wedding Ring should I choose?

It is often the case that the bride chooses a more elaborate style to suit her engagement ring, whereas the groom may opt for a more plain and practical band. We are seeing more Gentlemen choosing Wedding Bands which are patterned or textured and even set with diamonds! Whatever style you prefer, we have an extensive range to choose from.


My White Gold ring has started to turn slightly yellow, why is this?

Almost all White gold is not truly white. White gold is made from yellow gold and has silver or in some instances platinum mixed with it to make it whiter in colour.

Most white gold jewellery is then rhodium plated to give it a bright white shine! As with any plated surface it will wear off eventually with normal wear and tear. The original factory finish can be regained by re Rhodium plating your ring. This restoration process can be carried out in our workshop. Once re plated, your ring will have regained its white, bright and wonderfully lustrous shine. If your engagement ring is also made from white gold we would advise having both rings re-plated at the same time.

If you cannot bear to be apart from your ring while it’s undergoing re-plating, we would recommend that you explore Platinum as your metal of choice. The little extra cost is soon saved by not having to pay for re-plating every few years.


I want a white metal but I only have a small budget?

White metals, such as White Gold and Platinum, have become very popular over the past few years, with an increasing amount of couples looking for this particular material. Although, selecting these as a metal of choice does have an effect on the cost. If you are working to a strict budget the Palladium may be the answer!

Palladium is an elegant and tarnish resistant metal, able to sustain heavy wear and shocks without cracking or becoming brittle, one of the main reasons for being a metal of choice when it comes to wedding rings.

The most important factor to recognise is that it has a remarkable difference in price point to Gold and Platinum so you are able to obtain the same look and style for less.

Plus, since it’s naturally white, there’s no restoration required to keep it looking ‘brilliant’ for life.

Read more about Palladium here


How much should we spend on Wedding rings?

This really is a difficult one! When purchasing a diamond engagement ring the usual guide is to spend 3 months’ salary! With wedding rings there is no formal guideline. It all comes down to budget. The Wedding Day is one of the most expensive days of our lives and we all have different priorities. Our suggestion here would be to cut back a little on the cost of florists, photographers, cars, video recordings etc. and use the saving made to put extra funding into the pot for the wedding rings which will be a constant, daily reminder of your special day.


Does the band have to be plain?

No. Elegant patterns and textures are often selected by customers as it adds a beautiful finishing touch to a simple band, no matter what the width.

You will need to be aware that gradually, all wedding rings with patterned finishes will become worn over time. If you regularly handle rough materials or work in a manual environment, we recommend that you choose a plain wedding ring as this would be better suited to you.

Why not enquire about our free design service to create something truly bespoke to you? You can use our in-house service to create something extra special that you cannot see on the high street.

It can be difficult to find a wedding ring to fit perfectly around your engagement ring but with the help of our in- house designers and goldsmiths, we are able to find the perfect match. Browse our beautiful wedding rings collection, or alternatively discover the perfect engagement ring in our platinum, white gold, and yellow gold ring collections.

For any more information with regards to wedding rings, feel free to contact our showrooms in Wolverhampton and Harborne.


By Charlotte Skinner