The house of Mikimoto is, since its inception and still to this day, a brand built from an abundance of love, passion and exceptional craftsmanship, creating jewels of extraordinary style. Only the best pearls in the world are destined to be Mikimoto pearls.

In the words of Kokichi Mikimoto, the curator of the world’s first cultured pearl, “a pearl is a living jewel”. Today, Mikimoto lead the way as the foremost producer of the finest quality cultured pearls, continuously embracing the history behind the name and inspiration from Kokichi himself.


The Romance of Pearls

Pearls are an everlasting display of natural beauty, embodying a captivating lustre that when set within a piece of jewellery, is showcased to perfection. As the birthstone of June, they are a beautiful expression of love and affection to someone special in your life. As one of the world’s most illustrious creations, pearls take on many exquisite forms and colours. From the warm hues of the golden south sea cultured to the contemporary black south sea cultured and classic white south sea, pearls vary in colour depending on the type of oyster that produces them. 18ct yellow, white and rose gold all contrast exquisitely with the unique lustre of pearls and the unique colours they are made in.


For All Occasions

The most traditional type of pearls to wear is the classic strand, which adds an instant touch of elegance to all styles and outfits. Casual daytime wear can be accessorised with a delicate pair of pearl earrings that are accompanied by diamonds, creating a simple statement that reinforces the high-quality of the gems.

The Mikimoto Jewellery collection on display at Rudells displays a varied range of Akoya Cultured pearls, Black South Sea, White South Sea & Golden South Sea pearls


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