When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, there are many important factors to consider, and whether you are choosing as a couple or as a surprise, it is a memory to be cherished forever.

Whilst the obvious may be to focus on the sparkle of diamonds, we would also like to highlight the significance of metal choice.

Here at Rudells, our jewellery collection features a large and dazzling collection of 18ct gold and platinum rings. The Rudells Fine Diamond collection is home to an exquisite selection of diamond engagement rings, from classic and traditional, to contemporary clusters for every bride-to-be.

Rudells Platinum Jewellery - Ring  Rudell's Platinum Ring (Close Up)

The choice of metal is a decision based on both preference and lifestyle. For some, the engagement ring is worn every day alongside the wedding ring, and for others it is replaced by only the wedding ring after the special day.

As a starting point, we recommend choosing a metal for the engagement ring that you would later like to wear for your wedding band. Not only would this be for a colour match, but also because of the difference in strengths of the metals. For example, if you were to purchase a platinum engagement ring, we would recommend matching this with a platinum wedding band. A harder metal against a soft metal will encourage scratching and a larger chance of natural wear and tear.

Within our Rudells Fine Diamond collection, we feature beautiful ‘Wed Set’ engagement and wedding rings that sit perfectly flush next to each other, with the same design and setting.

Rudells Platinum Diamond Ring

Why choose Platinum for your engagement ring?

Platinum is an increasingly popular choice of metal for jewellery, and more specifically engagement rings, due to its beauty, rarity, and strength.


 In comparison to 18ct gold, platinum is the most hard-wearing and damage resistant material, meaning it can adapt to busy lifestyles and withstand everyday wear whilst retaining its natural shine and lustre. Thanks to its hard exterior, which is not as brittle as gold, platinum will not tarnish over time, whereas in comparison to 18ct gold, re-rhodium plating is necessary over time.

If your lifestyle means you are more active with your hands and your ring would be exposed, platinum is the perfect choice of metal to protect both your diamonds in place and the natural beauty of the ring.

Purity and Colour

Much like 18ct white gold, platinum is bright in colour and shine, complementing to all shades of gemstones beautifully. A unique quality to platinum is the patina it develops over time as it enjoys adventures and occasions, creating a truly personal touch to the colour of the ring whilst maintaining the bright exterior.

Platinum is a naturally hypo-allergenic metal as it is 90-95% pure, making it the perfect metal choice for those who suffer with sensitive skin and allergies from other metals.


In comparison to gold, platinum is thirty times rarer, and is found in fewer locations around the world. Along with the incredible strength and beauty, the rarity of platinum reassures the high value of the metal in comparison to gold.

Discover our favourite rings from the Rudells Fine Diamond Collection below.

Rudells Fine Diamond Collection - Darcy Diamond Ring

Darcy Platinum 0.30ct Engagement Ring

Rudells Fine Diamond Collection - Skye Oval Platinum Ring

Platinum Oxford Brilliant Cut 0.62ct Engagement Ring

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