Amongst the TUDOR sports and adventure watches is a collection that oozes style and sophistication, paying homage to the brand’s year of inception.

Capturing the essence of TUDOR whilst reflecting decades of fine Swiss watchmaking, the 1926 collection is home to timepieces that display a timeless elegance that can be transformed from day to night.

This year, TUDOR unveiled new variations within the 1926 collection that continue to showcase the brand’s exquisite attention to detail and heritage, with a large and varied selection of dial choices and sizes to suit all men’s and women’s wrists.

New brown leather straps are available on all sizes (28, 36, 39, and 41mm), adding to the vintage inspiration to each timepiece, contrasting spectacularly with a new white embossed dial.

Tudor Watch Black Strap on Wrist  Tudor Watch Brown Strap on Wrist 

Focusing on the intricate details, dials in the 1926 collection feature a contemporary waffle embossed pattern, creating a sleek look when complemented with either batons, numerals, or diamond dot hour markers.

Tudor Geneve Watch Close Up  Tudor Geneve Watches Black and White Faces

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Discover our current collection of TUDOR 1926 timepieces below and online here.

TUDOR 1926 28MM Black Diamond Dot Dial

TUDOR 1926 28MM Black Diamond Dot Dial - Shop here

TUDOR 1926 41MM White and Blue Baton Dial

TUDOR 1926 41MM White and Blue Baton Dial - Shop here 

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