Since 1839, Patek Philippe have embarked on an ongoing quest for perfection, a journey that, to this day, is demonstrated within exceptionally crafted and designed works of art.

Each Patek Philippe timepiece is ingrained with over a century worth of knowledge and experience, as well as 10 values that have always represented the ideas and work of the manufacture.

Discover these 10 values of Patek Philippe below, as well as our highlights from both the women’s and men’s collections.


Patek Philippe is the oldest independent family-owned Genevan watch manufacture, allowing creative control and freedom across all aspects. This independence represents continuity, resilience, and trustworthiness from the past and for decades to come.


The history of Patek Philippe is part of Geneva’s great watchmaking tradition, continuing to stay true to artisanal techniques and the art of fine watchmaking. This tradition also applies to Patek Philippe’s successful history with reinventing innovation over time and throughout collections.


Patek Philippe constantly tests the frontiers of watchmaking through avant-garde achievements, having successfully filed over 100 patents since its inception.

Quality & Fine Workmanship

Quality and fine workmanship applies to every part of Patek Philippe – movements, external elements, technical concepts, the performance of each function, and rate accuracy of timepieces. It was the goal of Antoine Norbert de Patek and Adrien Philippe to develop and manufacture the finest timepieces in the world.


Patek Philippe has always conceived watches as exclusive creations, with over 200 different models in regular production. Rigorous quality standards are applied to every part of the process and many months are invested into the completion to make each timepiece a precious, unique creation coveted by true connoisseurs.


Each Patek Philippe timepiece embodies centuries of experience and countless hours of work to make it the masterpiece it is. Over the years, Patek Philippe timepieces have become cult objects that attain record prices at auctions and have become precious and irreplaceable family heirlooms.  


Each design within the Patek Philippe collection is timeless, outliving passing fashion trends with unique, understated style. A harmonious combination of personality and discretion, elegance and uniqueness are present throughout each collection, retaining their irresistibility for years to come.


Patek Philippe strive for the highest standard of after-sales service, ensuring the owner that each timepiece will receive the care and attention needed to function reliably for generations.


Patek Philippe timepieces are far more than instruments that tell the time. Gifting one is the most eloquent expression of love and endearment, becoming a personal possession that can create precious memories.


To acquire a Patek Philippe is to become the custodian of an artistic and scientific tradition that continues to inspire remarkable creations. This heritage is iconic, with generations dedicated to perpetuating a unique legacy.


Men’s Collection Highlights

The Golden Ellipse Ref.5738R-001

The legendary Golden Ellipse defines elegance and sophistication in an 18ct rose gold and ebony black combination, creating the ultimate dress watch.

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Lifestyle Image Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Product Image

The World Time Chronograph Ref. 5930G-001

The reference 5930 is the first World Time watch in the current Patek Philippe collection that has been endowed with a chronograph, drawing inspiration form a 1940 predecessor whilst incorporating a new self-winding movement.

Patek Philippe World Time Chronograph  Patek Philippe World Time Chronograph - Close Up

Women’s Collection Highlights

The Twenty~4 Automatic Ref. 7300/1200A-001

A new embodiment of feminine elegance, the Twenty~4 Automatic is the first model in the collection to feature a round case. The stainless-steel version with diamond-set bezel is available with a blue or grey sunburst dial on bracelet.

Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Automatic - Blue Dial  Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Automatic - Grey Dial

The Calatrava Moon Phase Ref. 7121J-001

The Moon Phase indication is an indispensable function of Patek Philippe’s supercomplicated watches, taking pride of place in several ladies’ models, featured here with a silvery-grained dial and diamond set bezel on an elegant pearly beige strap.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Moon Phase - Grey Background  Patek Philippe Calatrava Moon Phase - White Background

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