After diamond, Sapphire is the second hardest gemstone, complete with a rich history and a host of mythical legends. Both the Sapphire and Ruby gemstone belong to the Corundum family, meaning they are both high and strong in hardness and durability.

Sapphire is most desired in a pure rich blue colour, and has decorated royalty for centuries, and is now seen as a stunning alternative to a diamond engagement ring. One of the most popular sapphires around can be seen today on the finger of Kate Middleton, passed down through the Royal family.

Alongside the popular shades of blue, the sapphire can also be found in yellow, pink and green and are becoming just as popular within jewellery. Each of these colours make the sapphire gemstone the perfect addition to a piece of jewellery, with colours that can be worn throughout the year and changing seasons.

Adding to its desirability, the sources of Sapphire are quite limited. Some of the world’s finest sapphires are said to have been found in Sri Lanka among the river beds, and in Thailand, where it can be found in rivers and streams.

All birthstones have their own surrounding myths and theories, mostly dedicated to healing and protection. The Sapphire gemstone is known as a precious gem of wisdom, loyalty and nobility, traditionally worn with the power to bring harmony between lovers.

Within jewellery, sapphires become the perfect pairing with white gold and platinum, a marriage of materials that were simply made for each other.

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