Patek Philippe presents the two latest interpretations of the Twenty~4 modern classic.

Patek Philippe have unveiled two new models that are an evolution of the emblematic Twenty~4 Ref. 4910/10A, originally released in 1999. The timeless and elegant new timepieces, with steel manchette bracelet, are released with a contemporary update to the dial design.

The philosophy of the Patek Philippe Twenty~4 is “even the everyday should be beautiful”, and the collection epitomises timeless feminine elegance. Dedicated to the young, active, and modern woman, the prestige ladies watch was conceived to fit in with every moment of her life.


The medium-size Twenty~4 manchette quartz watch comes in two new versions: the former Roman numerals are replaced with white gold applied Arabic numerals, and white gold applied trapeze-shaped hour markers take the place of the diamond markers.

The two new references feature a dial decorated with a blue sunburst (4910/1200A-001) or with a grey sunburst enriched by a graduation to black at the periphery (4910/1200A-010).

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