In both the Rudells Wolverhampton and Harborne showrooms, collections of beautiful Roberto Coin jewellery are displayed, showcasing the perfect blend of diamonds, refined gold craftsmanship and unique design.

A signature red ruby is set within each piece of Roberto Coin jewellery, symbolising all the fury of courage, the passion of love, and the vitality of hope, combined in a single message of goodwill dedicated to the women who wear Roberto Coin. The idea of the ruby as a symbolic signature comes from the pages of antique collectors’ books, including history from the world of ancient Egypt, the story told of Burmese warriors and an old folkloric Hindu myth.

Roberto Coin found a passionate, meaningful symbol in the ruby that has come to identify the soul and the mission of his creative world.

The Roman Barocco Collection

A collection that stems from the classic technique of Roberto Coin’s Barocco line, the Roman Barocco is inspired by the spectacular architecture of Roman buildings.

The dramatic effect typical of that period is softened by interwoven outlines and pure diamond light, coming together to portray the beauty of the Italian city that the emperor Adrian consecrated as the Eternal city.


The Princess Collection

Polished gold and brushed gold alternate between romantic floral patterns and bold looks, hiding a precious woven thread within each unique piece. Walt Disney said that “fantasy can’t become dated, for the simple reason that it represents a flight into a dimension that lies beyond the reach of time”, with the fantasy of becoming a princess being a great classic for many generations.

‘Princess’ became the perfect name for a collection dedicated to hopeless romantics in a modern world, constructed like a fairy-tale in chapters of gold and framed with a weave of sparkling magic threads.  


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Credits by: Garage Raw