Magic is in the air, and not just with Halloween around the corner! The autumnal shades of October are highlighted magnificently by this month’s birthstone, Opal.


Opal is renowned for its enchanting hues, casting a spell with a mixture of beautiful pinks, blues, reds and greens to create a stone that is unique and beautiful when set within jewellery. Whether set within yellow, rose or white gold, the rainbow colours of opal are accentuated and add the perfect touch of sparkle for all occasions. When set within rings, earrings or pendants, opal makes a subtle yet mesmerising statement; you can mix and match with more than one piece or simply stand out with one!

Fire Opal, as seen in the image above, is a variety of opal with fiery shades of yellow, red and orange as background colours. 


Opal is a popular stone to wear within jewellery, mostly because of its eye-catching hues. However, care does need to be taken when wearing opal as the stone is soft and susceptible to daily wear and tear, temperate and chemical damage.

In Ancient Rome, the gemstone symbolised love and hope, where it was also given the name ‘Opalus’, which is synonymous with ‘precious stone’.

Give the magical gift of Opal for a special October occasion.