The deeper or greener an Emerald stone is the more valuable that particular stone becomes, and with the oldest emeralds estimated to be around 2.97 billion years old, it’s safe to say that to own a piece of emerald jewellery is like owning a piece of treasure.

It is well known that gemstones were particularly favoured among royalty, and one of the of most favoured collections is that of Cleopatra who was captivated with the Emerald. Egypt was known as the earliest location for the finding of emeralds, and during her reign, Cleopatra claimed the mine as her own, giving her full control.


As appropriate and fitting the colour green is for spring, green is the perfect colour you can wear all year round. Whether in earrings or a pendant, green gives a beautiful shine to all outfits.

Deriving from the Latin word ‘smaragdus’, meaning ‘green gem’, it is believed that the emerald gemstone has many healing powers. With its soothing shades of green, it has been said to balance energy and be a stone of rebirth and recovery. 

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