The birthstone for June is one of mesmerising beauty and is the only gemstone made by living creatures. Pearls are organic, formed in the natural world and not mined from rocks underground like others.

Jewellery enthusiasts have been decorated with pearls for centuries, with each pearl having its own unique lustre and beauty. The most classic way to wear pearls is in a traditional round strand, adding instant glamour and elegance to all styles of outfits.

Several factors can impact the way each single pearl looks. Everything from the type of oyster, location and even the cleanliness of the water are contributing elements to determine the pearl's shape, colour and size.


Types of Pearl

There are different types of pearls depending on how and where they are made.

Considered the classic pearl, saltwater cultured Akoya pearls are the most popular type to wear. They are named after Japan’s Akoya oysters, yielding pearls with an abundance of lustre and shine. Best known for their perfectly round shape, the size of Akoya pearls can vary, from 2mm to 10mm, with captivating colours ranging from pinkish whites to silvery blues.



The largest saltwater pearls grown today, South Sea pearls, emanate pale gold hues, as well as white and silvery blues. The opalescence and beauty of the South Sea pearl is even more obvious when under different lights, showcasing the beautiful array of colours. With each colour comes a spectacular satiny lustre, displayed in either round, oval or teardrop shapes.



With natural pastel hues, Freshwater pearls are known for their baroque shapes, creating unique strands with beautiful combinations of shapes, sizes and colours. Cultivated in mussels, not oysters, Freshwater pearls are more affordable, being ideal for accessorising with your day to day wardrobe.


Caring for your pearls

Pearls, being the world’s only organic gemstone, are delicate and require more care and attention than other sparkling gemstones. To ensure the beauty of your jewellery lasts a lifetime, do not wear pearls before or after applying perfumes, aftershaves or personal care products as the acidity can severely damage the lustre of the stone. Wipe the pearls with a soft, clean cloth if any acidic substance touches them, elongating the life span of the precious stones.

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