June’s birthstone is one of exceptional beauty and class; however care does need to be taken when wearing your pearls.

Whilst pearls can be worn every day and with a variety of outfits, their delicacy makes them vulnerable. Being organic gemstones, they are particularly exposed to acids, alkaline and extreme humidities.

Measuring at 2.5-3 on Moh’s scale of hardness, pearls can be susceptible to knocks and scratches more than most other gemstones.

To protect the lustre of your pearls, and ensure the quality and beauty remains, we recommend the following:

Avoid letting your pearls come into contact with cosmetics, hair spray or perfume. This will tarnish the pearl and ruin its radiance.

Always put your pearl jewellery on last after getting ready.

The lustre of pearls can also be damaged by perspiration – therefore it is best to wipe over your pearls once removing them to ensure no residue will stick. A soft cloth will do this perfectly.

Pearls are susceptible to scratching from harder gemstones, so we recommend storing separately in a jewellery box with compartments. Lay down the longer pieces for extra safety.

If pearls are to be worn every day and not just for special occasions, please be aware that the lustre of the pearl (especially in rings as our hands are more frequently used), can be compromised.

Pearl jewellery is crafted to be worn and enjoyed, it just needs a little TLC to ensure the beauty is retained!

Take care when wearing pearls with other jewellery, especially harder gemstones.

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