July’s birthstone is one of vibrancy and strength, renowned around the world for its deep red hues.

Ruby has been a prized gemstone since ancient times, known to some as the ‘king of precious gemstones’, and is one of the most eye-catching available to buy and to wear.


Alongside exuding spectacular colours, Ruby is the second hardest gemstone just behind the dazzling diamond, with exceptional quality and durability. This makes it one of the best gemstones to wear in jewellery as it is robust enough for everyday wear.

Whether it is in a beautiful pendant, statement ring, or a pair of delicate earrings, your ruby jewellery can endure all of life’s adventures.


The colour of love, ruby represents health and protection, where in past times, Chinese noblemen would wear armor set with rubies to channel strength and protection.

Ruby may be the birthstone of July, but it can be worn all year round; whether in the summer sun or for Christmas festivities, the gemstone radiates beauty when set in both yellow and white gold.


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