Alongside the warm colours of autumn are the bright and magical hues of October's birthstone, the perfect stone for the month of Halloween!

Opal is renowned for its enchanting array of colours; from pinks and blues to reds and greens, it is a gemstone full of beauty and sparkle. Its hues make for a mesmerising contrast when set within both white and yellow gold jewellery, becoming a beautiful finishing touch to all outfits.

In ancient Rome, Opal was giving the name ‘Opalus’, a word which is synonymous with the phrase ‘precious stone’, and beliefs surrounding the stone say it is a symbol of purity, hope and truth.

With a measurement of 5.5-6 on Moh’s scale of hardness, opal is slightly more susceptible to daily wear and tear marks and is more fragile to temperatures. But when worn, opal stands out in colourful glory, making a spectacular gift for a special October occasion for your loved one.

Below you can see some of the exquisite pieces of opal jewellery in stock at Rudell The Jewellers.


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