The month of June celebrates one of nature’s most beautiful gemstones as its birthstone – the pearl.

Pearl jewellery is timelessly elegant, and is crafted so beautifully by the world’s leading Pearl company and the originators of the first cultured pearl, Mikimoto.

Pearls are one of the most spectacular gemstones in our existence, emanating lustre and shine from all their round shapes, making them the perfect gemstone to wear in the spring sunshine. The style of pearl jewellery is sophisticated and effortlessly stylish, making them an essential piece for every jewellery collection; a true statement of modern luxury.

Mikimoto are dedicated to luxury and beauty, and they have been so since founder Kokichi Mikimoto became the originator of the world’s first cultured pearl in 1893. His dream was to ‘adorn the necks of all women around the world with pearls’, and it’s with passion and creativity that has enabled Mikimoto jewellery to be cherished and loved through generations.


Each pearl is unique – no two are the same. Exceptional craftsmanship and innovation combine to create collections that can be worn for all occasions. From the moment a pearl is formed in the sea, to the moment it is worn, passion and commitment is put into every single pearl by Mikimoto. Countless hours go into assembling just one single strand necklace, demonstrating the unparalleled skill and devotion to the gemstone.

For Mikimoto, the quality of a pearl is determined by several criteria – size, colour, shape and lustre.

Pearls are measured in mm, and they can vary from 3mm up to 10+, therefore it is always best to try on a piece of jewellery where possible to ensure you find what is most comfortable to wear. Pearls occur naturally in white and cream shades, however they can be found in black and gold. An even colour represents a higher quality pearl.

Here at Rudells, we are home to an extensive collection of Mikimoto Jewellery, featuring a variety of different pearls.

The Akoya cultured is a speciality of Japan’s pearl forms and can be found in 3mm-8mm sizes. 

The Black South Sea are more contemporary, and found within black-lipped oysters in hues of black, green and grey.

The White South Sea Cultured Pearls are found in silver-lipped oysters and tend to be larger than 10mm.  Golden South Sea Cultured Pearls showcase a golden, honey like hue, and can be found in either silver or gold lipped oysters.

With collections of earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets on display in both our Harborne and Wolverhampton showrooms, the most classic piece of pearl jewellery of all is the strand necklace.

The strand is such a statement style that it can transform any outfit and add that sophisticated finishing touch. The necklace is available in a variety of different lengths, each being its own style and having its own statement impact. Those styles are the choker, matinee, opera and rope. We recommend trying on a variety of lengths to see which you prefer and feel is more your style.

Alongside crafting exceptional jewellery, Mikimoto strive to help the pearl industry improve whilst safeguarding the sustainability of the environment, with one of their main goals to preserve and protect the oceans.

Discover the Mikimoto Jewellery collections in our Harborne and Wolverhampton showrooms, and online here.

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