Founded by Nick and Giles English, Bremont is an award-winning quintessentially British company with many renowned attributes. Their reign began in 2002 as the journey was established to create pilot’s watches that were engineered to perfection, as well as having remarkable abilities to assist the pilots in the sky.

Ever since, their designs have captivated the wrists, and skies, with their reliability and endurance. Their stylish aesthetic allows them to be worn from day to night, finished on either straps or bracelets perfect for smart or casual occasions.

Bremont create innovative and masterfully brilliant wristwatches for those who love the adrenaline of both flying and motor racing and the collection of watches we hold in our Harborne showroom include the genius collaboration between Bremont and Jaguar. Combining the historic heritage of motor-racing, aviation and watch-making, the “BJ-11/WH” Stainless- Steel Automatic with White Arabic Dial is a truly timeless piece of horlogerie, finished with the impeccable detail of that to mimic the iconic British cars.

The name Bremont itself stems from its own early history, as a flight over France had a forced landing into the fields of French farmer, Antoine Bremont. Despite the French name however, the design and manufacture of Bremont takes place at their headquarters in Henley-On-Thames.

The latest models added to the collection in Harborne include models in the Supermarine range. The name ‘Supermarine Type S300’ pays homage to the prototype Spitfire fighter plane that Supermarine built in the 1930’s, in preparation for World War II.

The spirit and history of aviation flows throughout Bremont and their collections, whilst their watches can be seen on the wrists of pilots across the globe.

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