A special piece of jewellery for a special kind of love.

Discover unique jewellery collections designed in house by Rudell the Jewellers, with a sparkling selection of diamond and gemstone set 18ct white, yellow and rose gold designs. Give the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day to commemorate your love.

The Rudells ‘80’ Collection

A collection of scintillating jewellery set with a unique 80 facet diamond to celebrate the Rudells 80th anniversary. From single stones and halo surrounds, each piece is intricately finished with a delicate ‘R’ shaped setting. The most romantic of presents this Valentine's.

The Knot Collection

A symbol of unity and eternity, the Rudells Knot collection, set in all 18ct yellow gold, can epitomise your love this Valentine’s Day. Finished with and without diamonds, the Knot collection is available in a selection of rings, pendants and earrings, perfect for matching together or wearing as single statement pieces.

Discover the Knot Collection.

The Colour Daisy Collection

Set with the sparkling shades of Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire, the Colour Daisy Collection is a beautiful and delicate addition to a jewellery collection and wardrobe. The bold statement colours are enhanced magically against a flower inspired diamond surround.

Discover the Colour Daisy Collection.

The Twist Collection

A contemporary collection of 18ct white and rose gold oval linked jewellery with an intricate unique twist finish, in a selection of pendants, earrings and bracelets completes Twist. In either single or mixed gold, the Twist collection is feminine and perfectly showcases the sparkle of diamonds against a warm rose gold setting.

Discover the Twist Collection.