Brighten up the dark evenings with Topaz, November’s sparkling birthstone that brings a summer glow to a winter wardrobe.

Topaz is a beautiful gemstone that is ideal for every day and occasion wear when set within jewellery. Its strength and hardness (8 on the Mohs scale) can withstand day to day adventures, but its ‘perfect cleavage’ can make it prone to chipping if knocked hard.


The gemstone can be found in a rainbow of colours including yellow, green, pink and blue, and it’s this blue that topaz is most known for. When most topaz stones are found, they are colourless, therefore to achieve these sky blue hues the stones are heat treated.

The locations that topaz can be sourced span the world, found in Brazil, USA, Sri Lanka and Burma. With these widespread locations come an array of myths and beliefs surrounding the stone. It is said that to wear topaz will enhance strength, balance happiness and symbolizes love and affection.

Blue topaz features spectacularly at Rudells within our jewellery and In House-Designed collections. The hues of blue complement the Rudells ‘Twin’ and ‘Dune’ collections, creating the perfect gift for a special November occasion.


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