No matter how extreme fashion becomes or how ‘out there’ trends are, true style never goes out of favour with those who want something precious, beautiful and eternal. So the obvious choice for style connoisseurs when it comes to jewellery has to be diamond rings.

To love and eternally cherish, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. However, you don’t have to spend thousands to get the ‘sparkle’ factor. At Rudell the Jewellers we’ve gathered together a collection of what we believe are some of the finest diamond rings under £500, to begin your true love affair with jewellery. A diamond ring isn’t an impulse buy – it’s something that has real meaning and emotion attached to it, so it’s worth taking your time to choose a ring that’s perfect for you. It can be a declaration of love, a ‘thank you’ to someone special for being a part of your life, or an acknowledgement of a lifetime commitment in the shape of an eternity ring.

Every diamond ring has a personal story attached to it, making them not just valuable, but priceless! Our selection of diamond rings in Wolverhampton includes three very special designs that are both beautiful and affordable:

9ct Yellow Gold Fancy Diamond Set Ring

A yellow gold swirl motif and sparkling diamonds interlace to create a never-ending knot that’s distinctive and poignant. At just £280 this dress ring is an affordable luxury in a design that is modern and elegant.

9ct White Gold Overlapping Diamond Set Ring

A stunning overlapping design that uses two loops to represent the joining of two hearts in a bond that cannot be broken. Rather than disguising the beauty of the diamonds, white gold enhances their sparkle giving them a greater depth and boldness. This is a modern classic, and at just under £500 it is also within reach for most people’s pockets.

9ct White Gold Infinity Symbol Diamond Set Ring

The scientific symbol for infinity is also a beautifully simple, elegant shape that can be used to represent infinite love or eternal devotion. Teamed with an array of diamonds and you have a sentiment set in white gold that really will last for eternity. At just £245, this delightfully elegant ring is affordable, as well as a stylish way to show your devotion to someone.

So if you’re looking for a very special gift that will not only look stunning but have real meaning – and for an affordable price – check out the selection of diamond rings under £1000 at Rudell the Jewellers in Wolverhampton now.