The jewellery industry has become so advanced in the last few decades that today; the world is your white- lipped oyster. Almost anything can be custom made according to your desires, whether it is adding a personal touch to express your individual style or a special sentiment to cherish for years to come.

At Rudell’s we are delighted to have two incredibly skilled in- house jewellers, Terry Williams and Mike Chadwick, who specialise in the manufacture of bespoke pieces along with remodelling, restoration, cleaning and general repairs. Both master goldsmiths have a combined experience of over 75 years specialising in different areas of jewellery manufacture and repairs, together this formidable duo really are the finest in their field.

Over the years, many works of art have been lovingly hand-made to our client’s exact requirements. The designing of your piece is an extremely personal process in which you would be heavily involved. Whether it’s a detailed vision or simply a creative thought, the ideas can then be adapted and reworked by our Design team to transform it into a final piece as individual as you are. From initial sketches to the finished piece, we think it is of the upmost importance that our clients are involved in every step of the way.

Among the designs is a stunning 18ct White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond ring. During friendly consultations, these stones were handpicked and selected by the client with the help of our highly skilled team.

When working with jewellery, it isn’t just about the dazzling sparkle and beauty these treasures withhold. The emotional connection and sentiment that a certain piece cherishes makes the designing process special for both our client and sales executive. But most of all, the reaction when our clients see their finished piece for the first time is simply priceless.

We feel it is imperative that our clients are involved throughout the process as it is such a wonderful feeling to own a beautiful bespoke piece that you have helped from the initial idea, through to design and the final product.

For more information on how you can own a piece as individual as you are, please feel free to contact our showrooms in Wolverhampton and Harborne.

By Charlotte Skinner