When the month of July arrives the summer time is well under way. People who have a birthday this month can celebrate whilst enjoying the long sunshine filled days, and what better stone to mark the warmth of July with than a flame red ruby. Ruby is also the traditional piece to mark a 40th wedding anniversary and after 40 years it is no surprise that a ruby is said to represent devotion as well as vitality and energy.

Second only to diamonds for hardness

The word Ruby comes from the Latin word ‘Ruber’, meaning red. Rubies are an extremely hard wearing stone, diamond is the only natural mineral that is harder, and along with sapphire, they are a variety of Corundum. Sapphires can come in a range of colours including yellow, orange and blue, however rubies are only found in shades of red ranging from pinkish to purplish or brownish. The finest of rubies come from Burma but the main source of the stone is from Thailand where the stones have a distinctive brownish red colouration. Other sources include Afghanistan, Pakistan and Vietnam where the stones are bright red in colour. The darkest of Ruby’s are mined in North Carolina (USA), India, Russia, Australia and Norway, some of the stones in these locations have been so dark that they have been opaque.

Full of Eastern Promise

Rubies have a particular place in Eastern mythology, and are often used to decorate the precious statues of deities in Asia. They are believed to bestow good health and a long life on the wearer, perhaps because of the belief that the glowing red colour comes from an eternal flame that burns within the heart of the stone and can never be extinguished. This also makes the ruby a perfect symbol of everlasting love and devotion.

Roberto Coin

Rudells are privileged to stock a range of fine jewellery from the Italian brand Roberto Coin and their fashion range called Fifth Season. Both ranges are created from the highest quality materials with finest craftsmanship. A piece of Roberto Coin jewellery is instantly recognisable by the tiny hidden ruby that is set in a discreet location on every single piece as their unique signature. It is the philosophy that a ruby is everlasting, like true love, which has inspired them to brand their jewellery in this way. The ruby is always set in a place where it will be in direct contact with the skin, promoting a long, healthy and happy life.

Rubys and Watches

A Ruby is not an exclusive birthstone for ladies; a ruby gift can be bought for a man in the form of a watch with an automatic movement. Generally these are synthetic gemstones but the hardness of rubies, along with the fact that it has low friction makes it the ideal component to put in an automatic watch. The ruby reduces wear on the moving parts, increasing the life of the movement and making the watch more accurate. This is a fantastic modern twist on the traditional idea of birthstones.

As you can see Rudells are able to offer you a wide range of options if you are looking for a July birthday gift. As well as offering some stunning traditional Ruby and diamond set jewellery pieces we can also give you alternative options. The ruby is a stone of true beauty and its distinctive colours and popularity make it a gemstone that can be worn for a lifetime.