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  1. Why Choose Pre Owned Watches?

    A watch is more than just an accessory that tells the time. It is a companion through life’s most extraordinary moments, an extension of your personality, a statement. Purchasing a luxury timepiece is a personal choice and one that can be passed down to future generations, undertaking new adventures with new owners.


    Rudells Pre Owned Watch Collection

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  2. Oyster Perpetual Explorer - Venturing to the outer limits

    Arctic Exploration - Rudells


    Oyster Perpetual Explorer



    The Oyster Perpetual Explorer and Oyster Perpetual Explorer II evolved from Rolex’s deep involvement with exploration. They go where few people venture. The brand was able to test these watches in real life by equipping polar, mountaineering and caving expeditions over many years. Some of the world’s most intrepid explorers, mountaineers and

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