18ct White Gold Flex'it With Sapphire Set Rondel

Fope Flex'it 18ct White Gold Eka Bracelet with 18ct White Gold Sapphire Set Rondel. This design communicates everything considered important by the Vincenza based designers; elegance, comfort and style. The chunky bracelet sits on the wrist with an air of sophistication yet can be stacked with other accompanying designs from the Fope Flex'it collection for a fun, playful and ultra modern look. The design oozes opulence, suspending a breathtaking sapphire set 18ct white gold rondel from the centre of its chain. Each sapphire has been placed with precision onto the rondel bead, evoking character and charm whilst bringing the entire design together

rudell code : 3140-6487

manufacturer code : N/A

location : Harborne